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“ Innovation in Football Development” to maximise participation

The course will be offered in June/July 2021 and if you would like to receive further details when these are available pease register your interest here 

Why ?

 We think ' START -UPS' are the key to kick starting and reviving post pandemic participation

Basically therefor the course is designed to help 'START -UPS'  innovate in the global grassroots football market provide low cost grassroots football to attract and retain new ( or lapsed )  participants - these could be youngsters, teenagers, young adults, middle aged adults  or senior citizens:  Female and Male - of all abilities including footballers with disabilities.

The Course will give ' START -UPS '  the opportunity to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Help to understand how to innovate more effectively in grassroots football development
  2. Learn how to create new markets in grassroots football development
  3. Help develop an idea into a Business Plan suitable to be presented to potential backers, line managers, Board Members  etc. 
  4. Take advantage of the expertise from those who have launched successful grassroots football programmes 
  5. Validate a Business Idea with the benefit of a second opinion 

For Whom ?

The 'START -UP '  could refer to a start up project in an existing club or National Association or refer to a social entrepreneur’s own project

The course is therefore intended for any of these people: 

How will the course be delivered ? 


- Early Learning Football Projects 

- Teenage Projects

- Adult 5 -a-side and Walking Football

- Free Play, Informal, Recreational Mixed Participation Options

- School Projects

- Holiday Courses 

- Engaging Girls and Women

- Developing Coaches to prioritise Retention  

- Maximising the use of data 

- Health and Fitness connections 

- Technological perspectives 

- Club Development

Cost ? 

Details will be available by the end of JUNE 2021




Content to include : 

  • Case Studies 
  • Diagrams/ Graphics
  • Video Interviews
  • Audio 
  • Archive Documents 
  • Access to the course forum with other learners 

Tasks for the  Leaner - Feedback provided for every task 

1. Introduction 

  • Course Objective- helping the Learner finalise a Grassroots Football Participation Business Plan 
  • How the Course Works
  • Glossary of Terms used  
  • Commit to Personal Objectives 
  • Your Proposed Project - have you decided on a Plan, a sector or do wish to explore opportunities ? 
  • Commit to a specific community, region or country in which to develop your potential plan 

2.What is Innovation in Football Development and why is it so important ? 

  • Sustained Innovation 
  • Disruptive Innovation 
  • Creating Markets in Football Development 
  • Examples provided 
  • In your specific community can you identify two examples of innovation in Football Development with specific relevance to Return Users,
  • Lapsed participants and 
  • New Customers 

3.  Why do participants start and stop playing grassroots football ? 

  • Enjoyment !
  • Safe
  • Low Cost - minimum equipment 
  • Inclusive - low skill /understanding threshold required 
  • Social Activity 
  • Physical Activity
  • Learn Skills - increase self esteem
  • Reinforce values - being a team member, fair play   Mental  and Social Health
  • Potential for Talent Development 
  • In General terms - Which 3 problems in priority order  do you believe a potential or actual project of yours can solve in your defined community ?

4. What are the ‘ Macro’ Trends  which influence participation rates? 

  • Overall National Health
  • Family Disposable Income 
  • Family Size 
  • Parental interest 
  • Population and Demographics 
  • Urbanisation 
  • Work/Lifestyle Balance 
  • Female Emancipation
  • Further/ Higher Education 
  • Technology support 
  • Local or National Government Policies 

Select two of the groups  below and show how Macro trends have impacted on grassroots football participation 

  • Pre School
  • School 
  • Teenagers
  • All females 
  • One parent children
  • Siblings or No Siblings 
  • Late Birthdates 
  • Young Adults 
  • Adults 
  • Senior Citizens
  • Footballers with disabilities 
  • Economically disadvantaged

5 The Role of National & Regional Football Associations

  • Coach Education 
  • Child Safeguarding 
  • Grant Aid
  • Accreditation 

In your specific community can you identify two examples of how the National or Regional FA has impacted grassroots football 

6.Tools to help you - Find out what’s going on 

  • Participation Analytics - Why,How and what data to capture and analyse; developing key metrics & monitoring them ?
  • Research tools - size & value of the market, customer surveys 
  • Technological integration - Why,How and what simple  tech to use 
  • Market Analysis 
  • Planning - Discovery Planning and Executive Planning 
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Financial Analysis

Who are your potential customers ?

For your chosen Sector in your specific community: 

  • What is the size of the market 
  • SWOT
  • Axis - plot the two key aspects as valued by the customer 
  • What are the Barriers to entry,Benchmarks,  Competitors & Biggest Opportunities for Growth 
  • What is the most common forms of promotion and finance 

7. What Categories or Sectors are there in Grassroots Football Participation ? 

  1. Grassroots / Youth Soccer Club
  2. Professional Club -Outreach into the Community 
  3. School Programmes - curriculum and after school 
  4. Early Learning Programmes 
  5. Holiday Courses / Soccer Camps 
  6. Coaching / Playing Centres
  7. Girls only Programmes
  8. Women Only Programmes 
  9. Informal Free Play 
  10. 5-a-side Centres 
  11. Futsal
  12. Walking Football
  13. Beach Soccer 
  14. Football as part of Multi Skills
  15. Football for players with disabilities
  16. Virtual Programmes delivered 100% online
  17. Coach Education 
  18. Football programmes specifically designed to generate social progress

Q1 Do you believe there are any categories missing from the list ? If so please give evidence 

Q2 Select 2 Categories in your specific community 

For each Category Selected complete these tasks : 

  1. WHY ? 
  • What were the factors which drove growth ?  
  • Key benefits of each Category ? 


  • Who are the customers ?

3. WHO?

Who is the Category King ? 

  • Why ?

4. HOW ?

  • Key Tactics used

5. WHAT ? 

  • What are the specific programmers provided ? 

8. Your Project 

 Select your Project 

Finalise a Business Plan 

  1. Purpose 
  2. Objectives ( SMART) 
  3. Tactics to Achieve the stated Objectives
  4. Financing 





LMA School of Football Management 

We have reduced prices of all the courses as a result Covid 19 Crisis for details please go here 


undefinedThe World’s most popular Online Courses for Soccer Coaches

Since launching the first online course in 2010 over 3,000 coaches throughout the world have enrolled on courses of the LMA School of Football Management including at least one coach from every professional club in England.

Most coaches  do these courses just for their own intrinsic professional development but either of the two courses below are recognized by the Football Associations of Holland,Scotland,The Republic of Ireland,Icealnd,England and UEFA as an option to retain FA/UEFA qualifications. The courses are independent and it is not necessary to complete Course 1 before enrolling on Course 2.

The courses available are as follows: 

Course 1: ‘Creating a Culture of Excellence’

Focusing on leadership for soccer coaches and including 6 hours of video clips with Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Fabio Capello, Roy Hodgson, David Moyes and Howard Wilkinson

The course costs £149


PFCA Online Course : ' Identifying Potential Talent '







Real World Problem Solving in Young Player Talent Identification.

' Professional Development Led by Professionals' 

The PFCA Online Course : ‘ Identifying Potential Talent'


The Professional Football Coaches Association (PFCA) is the sister organisation of the  English League Managers Association ( LMA ) 

For whom is the Course Intended ?

  • For Football  coaches who work in youth football in Talent Development  Programmes ( or who aspire to work in such Programmes )
  • Typical Programmes would include : Pro and Semi - Pro Clubs, Youth Academies, Development Academies, Colleges, Youth Soccer Clubs , ODP ( in the USA)

For further details of this course view here  and to see what coaches who have completed this course have said about this course please go here 

Benefits of taking the Course

  • Developing your own thinking with the help of experienced practitioners
  • Improve your Talent ID skills to recognise Potential Talent in Players
  • Increase understanding of the background of talented players 
  • Help to be able to identify what potential  talent looks like at various ages 
  • Share learning insights with a global community  of coaches
  • Apply lessons learnt  into your own coaching situation
  • Two Best Selling E- Books on Player Analysis  provided as part of the Course fee
  • Access an archive of over 100 Research Articles on Talent ID in Football
  • The opportunity to develop your own Portfolio of Evidence. All learners will be prompted to complete tasks and thus create  their own E- Portfolio which is provided for them on completion of the course as a PDF. This is achieved using the unique Pebble Pad e-learning system to initiate your own interactive workbook . At the core of this system are the concepts of reflection and self- ownership of the learner’s material 
  • Obtain feedback from Online Tutors ( See Premium Course Below *)
  • Certification on Successful Completion

What is the Content of the Course ?

The Course has 15 modules and the content is as follows :

Why is talent identification important ? ( Module 2 )

  • Defining Potential Talent
  • To understand the importance of talent ID v talent selection in the overall development process
  • To appreciate the opportunities and limits of talent identification
  • At what age is it more appropriate to begin Talent ID ?
  • What are realistic numbers to attempt to involve in Talent ID and from what age ?
  • To develop realistic talent identification objectives


What to look for in talent identification? ( Modules 3- 5 ) 

  • Key common characteristics which impact upon the identification of talented players
  • Age appropriate key predictors of potential talent - what potential talent look like at various ages
  • Developing a Talent ID Matrix
  • Developing a Talent ID  ' Player Rating Check List' for all players
  • Developing a Talent ID  ' Player Rating Check List' for specific positions


How to identify potential talent? ( Modules 6- 15) 

  • Key Protocol and Observations Skills required in viewing players in games
  • Using  web based Apps
  • Maximising the value of ‘trials’ or ‘try- outs’
  • Applying Subjective v Objective methods of player evaluation
  • Using and Analysing data
  • Understanding and Managing the ‘Relative Age Effect’
  • Detecting ‘Late Developers’ and ‘Early Developers’
  • Pinpointing and exploiting ‘Hotspots’ of potential talent
  • Working with Grassroots Football to develop and identify players
  • Using the internet to help identify players
  • Working with parents and agents 
  • Tracking players progress
  • Releasing players effectively and sympathetically

How is the Course Delivered?

The course involves ACTIVE learning with these learning methods to engage and challenge learners 

  • Real Life  Case Studies to reflect Good Practice
  • Interactive Tasks
  • Peer to Peer Learning in the Course Forum
  • Quizzes and Polls
  • Authentic Scenarios
  • Real Life  Case Studies to reflect Good Practice
  • Over 200 Short Video Interviews with respected Coaches in Youth Football from these clubs :

 Manchester United ( Paul Mcguiness), Liverpool ( Steve Heighway ), Everton & Newcastle Utd, ( Alan Irvine ) , West Ham ( Tony Carr) , Spurs  & QPR ( Chris Ramsey ),Southampton ( Martin Hunter) Middlesborough ( Dave Parnaby) Aston Villa ( Bryan Jones) Arsenal  & WBA ( Terry Burton)  and in the women's game- former England Manager Hope Powell and the English FA’s Player and Coach Developer Marieanne Spacy ( see the bottom of this page for some examples of the 200 videos  )



Online Course – Soccer Diet: The Simplest Way to improve your team's performance

Sports Path collaberated with Professor Jay Williams (creator of the Science of Soccer website ) to develop this simple interactive online learning course and ongoing community.

Jay Williams is a Professor of Exercise Science in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise at Virginia Tech, USA and is the author of 'The Science behind Soccer Nutrition.' He also has a long history of working with athletes ranging from kindergarten soccer players to Olympic tracks and field athletes.

The overall purpose of the course and community is to assist coaches to improve the diet of their players with the goal of improving performance on the pitch.


Online Learning Course: Successful Media Interviews


We have combined with Sky Sports Presenter, Alec Wilkinson to develop this online course specifically for coaches to help them with video media interviews.

Alec has considerable experience in providing media training for coaches and performers. Our  course has been designed to help  develop the knowledge and skills coaches need to provide engaging and memorable interviews which can promote your club/college and themselves. This includes over 10 hours  of online learning with the following objectives :

  1. Know the key aspects of interview technique
  2. Know how to evaluate an interview
  3. Identify examples of good practice
  4. Know how to react in certain specific interview situations through online presentations from Alec Wilkinson.
  5. Improve your interview skills
  6. Obtain feedback on your interview skills

As the concluding part of the course you will be asked to provide an interview ( or an arranged video ) for Alec Wilkinson who will then provide personal feedback for you. This is an unique opportunity for coaches to obtain feedback on their interview skills from an experienced  professional broadcaster such as Alec Wilkinson

The cost of the course is  £149  ( inc Sales Taxes/ VAT )

To enrol please click here. We  hope you take this opportunity to learn more about improving your media interview skills



Exciting new online course for people wanting to work in football has teamed up with Sports Path to create an exciting online course for people wanting to work in football. This course is perfect for people starting out in a career and wanting to get to the top.

The course includes the modules to challenge and develop your career skills, giving you the best chance of achieving your career goals

The course is designed for anyone wanting to develop a career in the football industry - from taking your first steps in football - to pushing towards your long-term goals. The course is specially designed to be personalised to your situation and give you the best chances of success

The course is fully interactive and designed to challenge you to achieve your dream career in football!


About the course

 - We have created 6 'virtual characters' in 6 different careers in football (sport science and medicine, coaching, business, development, media and support) 

- We ask the course participants to focus upon the career pathway of their choice. To complete the course successfully ( and be awarded the Certificate ) you need to complete the 90 tasks for your chosen career path

- You will complete 90 interactive tasks in the  TEN modules shown below

- You are required to use the content provided to help guide the characters to help them achieve their career goals - in doing so helping yourself achieve your own career goal

- You will receive peer review from the tasks from other learners to support your development

- You will obtain online support and feedback from Toby French (Founder of to your responses to key tasks

- In addition you will receive 'take home messages' from each module to further your understanding of the topics Example Download 7 Finding Jobs in Football

- Upon completion you will receive a 'Football Career Certificate' and something to add to your CV


The Course Modules 

Unnamed (1)


The cost of the course is £250  (including all VAT and Sales Taxes) 

To purchase click here 



An Online Course for Soccer Coaches :  ' How to Capture and Organize Content'


  1. How to use SEARCH ENGINES
  2. How to access foreign websites via Google Translate
  3. How to start  your own YouTube Channel
  4. How to share videos  via YouTube
  5. How to develop Video Playlists on YouTube
  6. How to develop an online  network of Trusted Colleagues
  7. How to develop your Online Profile
  8. How to Collaborate in Online Social Media
  9. The best ways to use Twitter as a Soccer Coach
  10. Using Twitter with your players to support your coaching
  11. The Soccer Coaches Guide to Using LinkedIn
  12. Why and How to use RSS Tools
  13. How to set up your Personal Dashboard on your Home Page
  14. Using Newsletters
  15. How to use Content Monitoring Tools
  16. How to use  Google Alerts
  17. How to use Bookmarking & Tagging Tools  
  18. How to use Google Bookmarks
  19. How to use Scoop. to add notes to video clips
  20. Why use Session Planners?
  21. How to decide which  Session Planner to choose
  22. How to develop an Action Plan to Manage Your Personal Knowledge 


Delivered on the ' Udemy ' Platform this online course is an example of modern 'micro learning' - ‘learning on demand' 


Reviews for this course include the following feedback from coaches:

 Tony Caig, Assistant Coach and Goalkeeping Coach, Carlisle United FC, Carlisle, UK

‘Very good course and it has really helped me on gathering content that's relevant to my coaching. I've also purchased the book 'Soccer Coaching and the web' by Robin Russell which takes the subject and moves it on even further’

Steve Davis, Technical Director, New York Rush Soccer Club, New York, USA

‘Great Information: Some interesting areas covered that will help any coach who is looking to bring the field and classroom to their players’

Nick D'Amore Director of Coaching & Development - Highlands Soccer Association & Highlands FC, Coach - ACT Academy of Sport, Australia:

‘Overall a course well worth doing and the guides that you have shown will save me hours of time.’

Daniel Harcock, Coach Munich International School, Germany

‘Course was a very god introduction into what is and will continue to become an important part of modern day coaching and teaching! Some useful resources and information for an inexperienced 'online' coach and for those looking for ways to improve their current practice!’

Rocky Castillo, Soccer Coach, New York, USA

‘This course is a great introduction to many resources and tools available on the Internet. I am a beginner in terms of creating content, and all the information available in this course is relevant and easy to understand and follow. Even though the possibilities and the resources are overwhelming, by taking this course I think I am better prepared to move on forward to create content.’

Rory Grand, Soccer Coach, Thailand

‘Good course does what it says, would be helpful for people with limited computer/web skills looking to improve their online presence’

Cost: $19 for further details click here