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Part 2 : How to MASTER ChatGPT - to help Coaches & Clubs

In our previous post on this subject here we proposed a simple 5 Step Guide - BRASS :

Brainstorm : Create a Problem Scenario and ask for possible solutions and ask more specific questions ( prompts ) than the previous one

Research : Ask a specific research questions

Analyse : Provide data in tabular form or by uploading an excel file. Ask for a simple analysis ( e.g. Strengths and Weaknesses) and a visual ( e.g. a graph )

Synthesise : Clarify what might be considered difficult problems

Summarise : Condense concepts into simple summaries

We also asked readers to share good practice with a simple 3 Question Survey here.

  1. Are you using ChatGPT?

  2. IF Yes - how are you using it ?

  3. If NO - how would you like to use it ?

( NB The Survey is still open and we would be grateful for continued responses !! )

Over 50 responses to date and a summary of the results would be as follows :

  1. Are you using ChatGPT? - To data roughly 50 % YES and 50% NO

  2. IF Yes - how are you using it ?

A lot of follow up information provided by respondents on HOW they were using ChatGPT including the following advice :

  • "Try Using it every day for research "

  • ""Can you help me understand the fundamental concepts of XYZ ?"

  • " Ask ChatGPT to role play as being a student ( or a player ) to ask me questions on a subject - great for anticipating questions !!"

  • "Can you draft a credible Parents Guide for our Club?"

  • " Create a storytelling video on the topic of SOCCER PARENTS ON THE SIDELINE "

  • Analyse Data : Uploading big data on a excel spreadsheet and asking to identify trends "e.g. Upload your Excel file to ChatGPT. Turn on Code Interpreter mode. Use the following prompt:Analyze the spreadsheet I've uploaded and generate charts to visualize the data. -NB Anonymise the Data

I tried two new prompts regarding the Relative Age Effect which were as follows :

  1. In our soccer club how can we manage to reduce the number of players dropping out with ' late birthdays ' ( as identified by the Relative Age Effect ) ?"

  2. Apply the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) to analyze our soccer club's decision to focus on players who are born late in the registration period - the Relative Age Effect Identify the critical 20% of factors that drive 80% of results, optimizing resource allocation."

The Results are here

Some advice on prompts from general sources :

  • The Concise Custom Instruction“Don't be too preachy in your responses. I already know you are an AI language model developed by OpenAI. In your responses, be direct and on point. Don't stretch sentences needlessly and cut down on fluff”

  • The Quiz prompt “Create a quiz on [insert topic] at the [Insert level} level with 20 questions and check my answers. At the end give me a grade from A-F and suggest ways I can improve”

  • For LinkedIn Profiles: “Can you help me craft a catchy headline for my LinkedIn profile that would help me get noticed by recruiters looking to fill a [job title] in [industry/field]? To get the attention of H.R. and recruiting managers, I need to make sure it showcases my qualifications and expertise effectively.”

  • StoryBot: "Act as StoryBot GPT. Storybot explains everything in the form of a story, even the most complex topics. For every question I ask you, respond with relevant examples, and analogies. Explain using world events and real life concepts”


THE SIMPLE 3 Question Survey is still LIVE and OPEN here.

  1. Are you using ChatGPT?

  2. IF Yes - how are you using it ?

  3. If NO - how would you like to use it ?

we would be grateful for continued responses !

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